The Power of Why

Lady with gramophoneIt’s that time of year again – the streets are decorated, the malls are full of music, and there’s festive food everywhere. It doesn’t really matter what culture you come from, if it originated in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are you have some sort of observance happening around the winter solstice to celebrate the return of the light.

For people who struggle with their weight, this time of year can be particularly difficult. Not only is temptation at hand everywhere, but there’s a lot of pressure to look your best – so many holiday parties, so many campaigns to “fit into that sparkly little dress”. Resolution season hasn’t even struck yet, and we’re already being bombarded with contradictory messages. Eat! Enjoy! But look glamorous and slim! Work yourself to the bone decorating and cooking, but don’t ever appear stressed. No wonder people get depressed around the holidays.

At this time, it might be a good thing to reconnect with yourself, with your inner Why. Why do you choose to do the things you do? If you are someone who goes to the gym regularly, why do you do that? It could be for the fun and the camaraderie, but chances are there is a desire to be healthy, to avoid the diseases of old age for as long as possible.

That is certainly true for me – my mother died at the age of 69 from the complications of Type II diabetes, a completely preventable lifestyle-related disease. I am determined not to have that happen to me. It makes it a little easier for me to remember what’s important to me, and to resist some of the most stressful aspects of this time of year. I will continue to make time for myself, no matter how busy I am.

How about you, what kind of grounding Why do you carry with you, to help you stay centred during the craziest time of the year?

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