My Life as a Wraith

Ghost Mermaid baby left for Free Art Friday

Ghost Mermaid baby left for Free Art Friday by dj badly, on Flickr

So where have I been? Paying for my foolish arrogance in not getting the flu shot. It’s been quite the fascinating experience, as I have not been this ill since the nineties. It whacked me out completely for over a week, and I am now slowly starting to resume some semblance of humanity.

It’s not much fun being a wraith, although the dreams were remarkably vivid. At one point I was convinced that I was an alien with some sort of mission to save humanity. My family and friends will probably not argue too much with my characterisation as an alien, but unfortunately I can’t remember what the mission was. Humanity will just have to do without my remarkable powers.

I am actually quite proud of myself for not taking any fever-reducing medications, especially in the light of research suggesting that’s a really bad idea when you have the flu. I did have some very serious conversations with my killer t-cells, a la David Wood, who apparently deals with all of his illnesses by communing with his inner white knights, as he calls them. I can’t say whether focusing my encouragement on those particular lymphocytes made any difference to their function, but I did get better, and who am I to say it didn’t help?

It’s particularly ironic that this illness struck me two days after I had a wonderful time speaking at MoMondays Winnipeg. I will be writing another blog post about that – I was definitely not a wraith that evening. In the meantime, if you are local to me, let me encourage you to hit that link and get your tickets for February 17 – MoMondays are ALWAYS sold out.

So, now that you are completely convinced that I am out of my gourd, I am pleased to report that I have not received any communication from the mother ship in over a week, and I am slowly starting to resume my usual activities. I am very grateful to all who helped pick up the slack while I was out for the count – especially my husband, and those intrepid guys who combined to read Torah for the congregation in my absence.

Have you ever been a wraith? How did you cope with the experience? I’m curious to know!

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  1. one person's view Says:

    You’re scaring me. A whole bunch of co-workers are out with flu, and I pass out from needles, so I haven’t had the shot either.

    Two years ago I got sick two days before Pesach. I thought I was dying. My throat was in agony, I had fever, was weak as a kitten, and couldn’t do ANYTHING. My niece & mother made the seders. Then I kindly gave it to my mother and daughter. Yeah. We try not to think about that Pesach.

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