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iHomeFitness logoOne thing I am doing for myself this month is to join my friend Ruth-Anne Penner and her associates in a 28-day yoga challenge on her site, for only $5 (normally $29.99).

I’ve been meaning to join the site ever since I posted about it last August, but you know how it goes with good intentions … and of course I’ve got my kettlebell, walking and other things. But I met Ruth-Anne at a networking event, she told me about this promotion, and of course I had to jump in. So now I want to share it with you (and you don’t have to do anything for me in return, because I’m feeling very giving today).

Hop over to Ruth-Anne’s website at, sign up for the month-to-month subscription ($29.99 per month), and put in the code Challenge5. Once you’ve put in your credit card number and all that stuff, you’ll be all set for the challenge starting January 12, and your cost will be reduced to $5.

As Ruth-Anne says on her blog,

For only $5 you receive full access to all 275 iHomeFitness workout videos. Each of our yoga videos is separated into 3 x 20 minute segments. During the course of the challenge we will email you our featured 20-minute yoga segment for the day. You can choose to do 20-minutes a day or you can do all three segments in one day to give yourself an hour long practice.

So, what’s not to love? Where else can you get a full month of yoga, in the comfort of your home, for $5? So do it already, and tell Ruth-Anne I sent you. No, I’m not an affiliate or anything, at least not yet. I just really like Ruth-Anne and her work. Once I’m done with my life coaching certification, though, who knows where we might go???

Have fun! I’ll be doing that yoga right along with you – let’s do this together!

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