#BlogElul 25 – Intend

BlogElul graphicWell, it’s not hard to figure out how my intentions for this blog post series have not been working out very well. But today I will follow through on my good intention and post!

One might say it was inevitable. As the days became steadily busier, approaching school and the actual holidays, my posting frequency has become more and more erratic. But it’s OK, because despite the old adage about the road to hell and its paving stones, I do believe that good intentions are important.

I believe that as long as we approach the coming year with good hope and good intentions, we will be OK. We will stumble and fall, we won’t always be able to fulfill our expectations of ourselves (always too high, sigh). But keep a cheerful, well-intentioned heart, and you can’t go wrong.

Put a good intention out into the Universe, and something good is bound to come of it, say I.

What do you think? Are good intentions important, or do they merely lead to you-know-where? Do let me know!

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