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It’s Elul again!

Change. Oh, there’s so much change going on. This year has been quite the year in that regard.

My husband was laid off/retired from his position as a senior scientist with the federal government after two years of hell, and started his own engineering consulting company. My oldest son graduated high school and started university. My second son started Grade 10 and my daughter left elementary school behind and began Grade 7. I myself finally came to terms with my destiny as a coach, and started taking steps towards achieving certification and developing a business.

I’m tired just reading about all that. Change, even good change, is mentally exhausting. We’ve all had our share of meltdowns, although so far we still love each other, so that’s good.

Managing change can be very challenging, whether it is for an individual or an organisation. There is an entire discipline of change management out there. The main issue appears to be resistance to change, which stems from fear. People often prefer the devil they know.

On the other hand, change can be very exciting, even if it is scary. Certainly to be leaving the confines of high school and starting a new life as a university student is mostly exciting and wonderful, even if there are bumps along the way.

As we approach the new year of 5775, there will be many changes coming our way. Will we respond with fear or with excitement, or maybe a mixture of both? I hope we will have the strength and courage to embrace positive change with both hands, while accepting and working through change that is more difficult.

How about you, what changes do you see coming up in the coming year?

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