#BlogElul 13: Remember

Wow, we are almost halfway through Elul. Time is moving swiftly, and Rosh HaShanah will be here before we know it. School is starting again this week. What do we need to remember?

I remember bringing each of my three children to school, as a tiny kindergartner. I remember hanging out by the school fence, unable to leave until they went in. Two of them have now graduated from this school, and the third is well on her way.

Many memories wash over me, as I contemplate starting my 17th year of that drive. In some years, we had a carpool – for the majority, it was just us.

So many rituals, developed over the years, over the length of songs to be played, first from tapes or CDs, now from phones. Negotiation techniques were honed in the back seat of my ancient van, social skills for a lifetime of love and healthy boundaries.

I remember how grateful I am to be blessed with three such smart, kind, profound people, as they step over the threshold into their new school year.

What are you remembering?

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