Summer Body Shaker with Erin!

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Summer Body Shaker!

I’ve come to the conclusion that Erin Postle is one of my favourite people. She’s a former high school counsellor who became a weight loss coach, nearly bankrupted her family, then went on to achieve health and wealth with Isagenix. I’ve had the good fortune to talk with her quite a few times and I find her to be an effective coach, who really enjoys working with people and improving their lives.

Last winter Erin set herself a new goal – to become a fitness and figure competitor in her forties. I find this fascinating because most such competitors seem to come to this field from a place of fear, self-loathing and a fierce need for control. My friend Kaila can tell you all about that.

But Erin appears to be different. While she is currently subjecting herself to the same discipline that anyone must undergo who wants to compete at this level, she seems to be doing it out of a desire to grow, to see how far she can go, to learn new skills and a different way of life. It’s taking personal growth right into her body, as well as her mind. She’s following the rules because she’s got a goal in mind, not because her life will descend into chaos otherwise. It’s a mindset that I respect and admire, even though I could never see myself doing this. At least, not now.

The thing I love the most is that she is taking all that she has learned and offering it to her team. She’s prepared meticulous food and exercise schedules, but most importantly, she’s been talking with us about sleep, about stress, about mindset and taking responsibility for your life and your choices.

Does this sound like something you might want to do? Drop me a line. One caveat – you do need to join Erin’s team to be part of this program, but trust me, it’s worth it. And no, it’s not too late! Drop in any time!

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