And the Winner is …

Victory by huangjiahui, on Flickr

It’s May! The giveaway is over! Somebody has won a Fantastic Forest Forage with Savour Winnipeg! Who could it be??

I had five lovely people comment and express a desire to participate in the forage. Each of them was equally deserving and attractive! What to do, what to do … so of course I needed a truly random choice. I turned to the most random generator to which I had quick and easy access.

I asked my 10 year old daughter to give me a random number between 1 and 5. She said “3”. So, Shalla, you are the winner!! You were the third person to take part in the contest. I will email you with the details.

To everyone else, you can visit Savour Winnipeg and sign up! Thanks so much for playing! I myself can only participate in the Thursday night one (next time, Ben, fewer Saturdays PLEASE!). I hope everyone enjoys the wonderful forage experience with Barret and Ben! So much fun. Do share pictures!

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