30 Day Challenge: Back to Square One


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Sigh. Life never goes the way you want it to, does it? Sometimes you just have to accept the signals from the Universe telling you to SLOW DOWN.

So that flareup I’ve been talking about decided to rear its ugly head and knock me down. I think it’s probably a combination of too much, too quickly, both in the exercise department (I suddenly went from walking three or four times a week plus one day of kettlebell, to adding HIIT training, admittedly only about 5 minutes, almost every day) and in the supplement department (too many new things introduced all at once). Sigh. You’d think I would know better after all these years. As my wise sister said, we do have this tendency to jump straight into things … I guess in many ways the enthusiasm serves us well, but it does mean we sometimes get ourselves into trouble.

So now I’m on the prednisone I was supposed to start in May, but delayed because I was feeling so well on the shakes. I’m taking the Ionix Supreme (a vitamin concoction) once a day, and a shake whenever I feel like it. I’m back to walking, not huge distances, and kettlebell if I feel up for it. I’m debating whether to start using the cleanse product again – I’ve heard different opinions on that. Maybe once I’ve tapered the prednisone significantly.

I have to say, in the depths of this flareup, that despite the fatigue, pain and other symptoms I will spare you, I’m still not feeling as bad as I have during other flareups. I might have been imagining it, but I’ve had another UC sufferer who uses these products confirm that it is the same for him. He attributes it to the Ionix Supreme.

Still, on the whole I am very pleased with the way my body has responded to these products. I’ve lost some fat, and in the right places, too. I like my new shape, and once I’ve got this pesky flareup out of the way, I’m planning to continue working on it. Anyone want to join me? Drop me a line and we’ll talk.

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