Roses are Pink

Looking for a good life coach? I let her practice on me while she was studying for her license. 🙂 I don’t take coaching from just ANYONE, you know… I highly recommend Hadass. (Fair disclaimer: Although we won’t meet in person until January – and that’s “weather permitting” down here in the weird state of Texas – I’ve known Hadass since my son was little more than a tiny clump of cells. I’d trust her with my children.) – Holly Jahangiri.


Life change. The other night I had a great session with Hadass Eviatar. She’s a newly minted Certified Life Coach under the amazing Brooke Castillo. But boy-oh-boy Hadass has lots of experience in all sorts of stuff. She’s a scientist by training. Has a Phd. Also a Bachelor of Education. Is married with kids and is part of our Isagenix family. I had a free one-hour session with Hadass and with her help and insight, I was able to shift my thinking about a problem I was having and came up with a different way of tackling it so I can achieve one of my goals. Thank you Hadass! I will be contacting you again in the future. If anyone needs help with a weight/food/eating issue or something work or family related message Hadass. She’s awesome! 🙂 – Joanna D’Angelo.


Under the Sea

Hadass Eviatar spent an hour with me today, and gave me a bunch of things to think about… mostly that it’s time to put a big X over the “Things Others Insist I Should Want to Do” column, and fill to exhaustion the “Things I Actually Want to Do” column. – Rick Wolff.



Hadass helped me with so many things in just a short amount of time. She really helped me be much more clear with the values in my life that bring me happiness. I now have a reference point when making decisions based on her help. Her work is a true gift. I know she can help anyone that comes to her. Thank you. – T, Westmont, IL.