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A Paleo Passover – and I’m on a Jimmy Moore podcast!!

Sunday, March 24th, 2013
365/88: Pesach

Pesach by riekhavoc, on Flickr

OK, so Pesach didn’t exist in Paleolithic times. Our ancestors were shepherds, with agriculture thrown in once they settled down. But the fact remains, they didn’t eat processed food. They baked their own matzah and they didn’t attempt to game the system by making fake substitutes for their everyday food. (more…)

Milk kefir bliss!

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Strawberry-infused kefir I know that a lot of people claim that dairy is too Neolithic to have any place in a paleo-style diet – in fact, I have seen claims that anything you can’t pull off a bush or kill with a sharp stick does not belong in our diet. Hmm, a little extreme much? (more…)

Encouraging Paleo Kids, One Egg At A Time

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

 This morning I made a heart-shaped omelette for my daughter.

My kids love cereal, the more sugary the better. We have progressed to the point that the really obnoxious ones (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the major favourite) are only allowed on Shabbat morning, but I’m trying to wean them gently off Cheerios. Now that school has started and they are no longer eating breakfast at noon, I’m trying to get the egg routine into place.

My eldest son has already developed a taste for omelettes and is old enough to understand the process, even though he sometimes sabotages it – don’t we all? My second son blows hot and cold, but he’s never been as much of a carb fiend as his siblings. I bought a tiny square cast iron pan and he will occasionally let me cook him a little square omelette in it. “It’s so cute!”

My daughter has been a tougher nut to crack. She will occasionally eat the cute little square omelettes, but she really wanted a heart-shaped one, or at least round – but little.

Yesterday I was at Pollock’s Hardware, a fabulous co-op here in Winnipeg. I picked up a teeny tiny round cast-iron pan, but then my eye fell on the little tart mould you see here. Bingo!!

So yes, this morning I put the tart mould, well-greased, IN my regular-sized round cast-iron pan, and poured the beaten egg into it. It did leak a little bit along the fluted sides, but I picked those bits up and put them back in. It was a little tricky getting the egg out of the mould to flip it, but a little persistence with a fork did the job.

She totally loved it and ate it all – a first.

Take that, General Mills!!

Thoughts on Mayonnaise, Paleo and Local Eating

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

mayonnaiseSo I decided to make mayonnaise today. I grabbed my blender (a cheapo from Superstore – maybe one day I’ll have a really good one, but this will have to do for now), and my printout of Sarah Fragoso‘s paleo mayonnaise recipe, and off I went. I’ve made it before and loved it (especially with fresh ginger added!).