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#BlogElul 2: Act

Monday, September 5th, 2016

#BlogElul Action is a very odd concept. We take action every day of our lives (at least, if we get out of bed), and yet it is something we often struggle with. Committing to a course of action can be both exhilarating and terrifying. (more…)

Talking About Commitment

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

woman's hand climbing mountainI met a guy at a networking meeting almost two years ago. As we chatted, he bemoaned the fact that he had trouble committing to regular physical activity. Without thinking much about it, I offered to have him text me every time he took a walk. (more…)

Why I Don’t Sell Nail Wraps or Scented Candles or …

Sunday, March 8th, 2015
#SheetMusicJN #nailart from Jamberry Nails Easy Affordable Beautiful Nail Polish Alternative

Easy Affordable Beautiful Nail Polish Alternative by Noel Giger, on Flickr

I have lots of friends who sell things like nail wraps or scented candles or jewelry or skin care products that claim to make you look younger. Heck, I myself still love BlackBox Cosmetics products, but I don’t actively sell them anymore. So, why don’t I sell those things? (more…)

All Things are Possible – Susan Sly on Triumphing over Multiple Sclerosis

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
The Inimitable Susan Sly

The Inimitable Susan Sly

The other day, my friend sent me an interview with a woman named Susan Sly. I loved it, and I hope you will, too. (more…)


Sunday, May 25th, 2014
Fear - Graffiti

Fear – Graffiti by Jimee, Jackie, Tom & Asha, on Flickr

There’s a conversation going on on Twitter under the hashtag #yesallwomen. It consists mostly of women talking about the little precautions we take everyday, almost without thinking, to avoid male violence. (more…)

Fear and Inevitability

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

A screencast of my latest newsletter

A screencast of my latest newsletter

You may have been steadfastly ignoring my newsletter sign-up form here to the right, but I really think my latest one was particularly good. Have a look (click on the picture) and see what you think. If you like it, sign up!

#BlogElul 23 – Love

Thursday, August 29th, 2013


We’ve been talking about change, about daring, and by extension about fear. What is the opposite of fear? To quote the great Steven Pressfield, the opposite of fear is love. (more…)

Caring for Your Lizard – Nutrition

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Food LizardIt’s another Lizard! I mean, newsletter. This one is about food, as you can see. If you can’t see, click on the picture and it will come up big enough to read.

Nutrition is a really complicated, nasty, multi-layered issue. So I had a few things to say about it. Go see in the newsletter archives what’s missing from the picture. Sign up for the newsletter so you get it every week. Hit reply and talk to me. If this whole thing isn’t about conversation, what is it about??

#blogExodus – Leaving

Thursday, March 21st, 2013
#blogExodus prompts

Rabbi Phyllis Sommer’s #blogExodus prompts

The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzrayim, which means the Narrow Place. It’s also the same root as the word for labour pains. Birth imagery has been associated with Passover from the beginning, with the explicit mention of the month of Aviv, or spring in the Torah. The Sages refer to the splitting of the Red Sea as “kri’ah”, or tearing, which is an odd word to use for a body of water. They liken it explicitly to the opening of the birth canal to allow the passage of a child’s head. (more…)