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Portuguese Coach

Portuguese Coach by Pedro Ribeiro Simões, on Flickr

So where have I been for nearly two weeks? In a whirlwind of activity! I’ve got my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah coming up in three weeks, and just in case I thought I might be bored, I’ve signed up for an intense practicum with The Life Coach School. I’m totally loving that practicum, but I need your help.

As part of the practicum, we need to record and post coaching calls for the instructors and other participants to critique. We have been coaching each other, of course, but I’d like to branch out a bit. I’ve got a pretty good idea of the issues my fellow students are wrestling with by now!

So here’s my request/offer. Who would be interested in a free 30 minute coaching session with me in the next couple of weeks? All I request in return is that you allow me to record the session so I can share it with my practicum. No names or other personal information will be shared.

So what does a life coach do? Help you understand that your pain and suffering are not caused by the external circumstances of your life, but by your thoughts on those circumstances. In other words, nobody can hurt you without your consent – and I am learning how to help you withdraw that consent, if you so wish.

It is incredibly liberating to take your power back from those whom you thought were causing your distress. No, it’s you, only you, and you have all the power and control over your own thoughts! Isn’t that great news?

If you are curious about this, drop me a line at hadass@hadasseviatar.com or phone me at 12047923996 and we’ll set up a time. In the future I plan to start a coaching business, but for now, it’s absolutely free!

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