Paying It Forward in 2013

Melisa's StatusThis was my friend Melisa‘s Facebook status yesterday. Yes, she really is that amazing.

I’m not as good as she is in making things, so she told me that there were other small ways to make people happy. She’s right – there are. I’m going to try and pay attention to those opportunities.

It made me think of the Daymaker Movement, which of course I heard of via David Wood, a natural Daymaker himself. The Daymakers take the time to be present in the moment and make connections with people.

I have to confess that I have a tendency to hide my face in my electronics, to find the doings of virtual people on my phone more interesting than the real people who are with me in that moment. I hereby resolve that 2013 will be the year in which I break that addiction. I’ll probably still spend a lot of time online, because that is where my virtual peeps live. But I need to spend more time with my real ones.

What could you do to pay it forward and connect with real people?


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