My Three Words for 2015

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My Three Words for 2015

Here we go, my three words for 2015! As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been doing Chris Brogan’s Three Words project for several years now. Enjoy his words for the year and see what you think of the project. Maybe you’ll want to join in.

Love. My teacher, Brooke Castillo, says a coach has to have unconditional love for their clients. We need to have our minds in a clean place to be able to coach people, to set aside our own problems and focus on theirs. We are not coaching them for our own benefit (look at me, aren’t I wonderful and smart and perceptive??), but for theirs. If we can stay in that clean place, we will be able to help them and be truly deserving of any money or other benefits we may get from this relationship. We must be able to give them the gift of love, or as Brooke says, we have no business coaching.

My aim this year is to develop this love not only for my coaching clients, but also for the team members who link arms with me to travel on the health and wealth journey. Transformation of any kind, whether physical or emotional, is not easy. It’s not about me, getting more experience or money or whatever, although those are nice too. But if I do it purely or even mostly for those reasons, I will fail. This is true whether I’m coaching someone through a cleanse or through the realisation that their unhelpful thoughts are limiting their ability to get what they want in life. Those two processes are not very different, and in many ways can and should be linked.

Tribe. Seth Godin talks about tribes, about people who want to get connected because they care about something. Here’s a great TED talk he gave about that. I have been trying to figure out my own tribes for years now. As I zero in on whom I want to coach and whom I want to have as my team members, it is going to become imperative for me to figure out who my tribes are, and how I can best serve them.

Healing. That’s self-explanatory, if you know anything about me. I’ve been struggling with autoimmune issues for so long, and trying so many different things. I want this to be the year when I get rid of that limitation on my life. The nutritional support products, sleep and good food are part of my strategy, but my coaching and other personal growth make up another necessary part. I’ve recently joined a Facebook group where people are talking about their guilt and how to get rid of it – so liberating. Physical and emotional healing need to happen together, I don’t think it’s possible to have one without the other.

So that’s my explanation of my Three Words for 2015 – how about you? What words will you choose to guide you on your path this year, and why? Let me know!

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2 Responses to “My Three Words for 2015”

  1. Peter Wright Says:

    Excellent choice of words to live by for the year Hadass. Indicative of the caring person you are.

    Mine are: Focus, Intention, Commitment.

    Because last year, I scattered my attention and energies on too many projects and too much stuff that was not moving me in the right direction.

    Best wishes for 2015.
    Peter Wright recently posted…Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2015My Profile

  2. Hadass Eviatar Says:

    Thanks Peter! I hope you have an excellent 2015! Sounds like your words are very determined.

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