Loving the Lizard …

Lizard Love Teaser

Lizard Love Teaser

So you still haven’t signed up for my newsletter, because you figure I will just put it out on FB and Twitter and archive it here on the blog, so why bother.

You know, I would really like to talk to you directly over email. I have no intentions towards your email address, and I will never, ever share it or sell it or do anything to it without your consent. Pinkie Promise.

So, from now on, I am only going to put teasers out to the world. Click on the picture to see it larger, but it is still only the first paragraph. If you want to find out why I think we should be loving our Lizard Brain rather than battling it, sign up for the newsletter. If you sign up between now and the next issue, I will personally send you any I haven’t archived to make sure you haven’t missed anything of importance.

Of course, if you already subscribe to the newsletter, thank you so very much and I hope you like it enough to share far and wide!

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2 Responses to “Loving the Lizard …”

  1. y Says:

    well I personally thought I was subscribed but got confused with all your avatars… but excuse me!!! As I do not have either FB or Twitter and cannot see myself joining them in the near future, will you direct me to the back gate? I would be sorry to miss goings-on in the snow…(although I do have an informer in the corner)

  2. Hadass Eviatar Says:

    Look at the top of the sidebar, where it says “Subscribe to My Newsletter” ;-). Thanks!

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