Looking Back, Looking Forward


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I can’t believe another year has gone by, just like that. So many things that have happened, so much change inside my head, so many new aspirations. So now I am thinking of new words for the year, to replace the ones that have been on my computer desktop all year long. It’s almost a new year.

This is the third year I have been doing Chris Brogan‘s Three Words project. In 2013 and 2014 I was still very much searching, although I think I did better in 2014, because I had help teasing out my words from my wonderful coach Berni Xiong. I was also sick as a dog at that time. It’s kind of hard to believe it’s been almost a year since that illness. The hallucinations were pretty amazing.

Chris says to cover different parts of your life with your words, so that’s what I have tried to do. As you know, if you’ve been following me for any length of time, I have struggled to find meaningful work in my life – I’ve done many things and got way too many diplomas and certifications. Yet nothing seemed to stick. 2014 was no different, but I think 2015 will be a very different animal.

When I wrote my words in January 2014 I was trying to develop my BlackBox Cosmetics business, which was my first foray into network marketing. I still totally love the products but am putting that business on the shelf, temporarily. I was also looking to expand my writing purview, having had a couple of pieces in the Winnipeg Free Press, and a monthly column in the local Times.

In June of this year I joined Isagenix, which has a much better training and support structure, plus products that have greatly impacted my health for the better. I have lost weight, gained muscle and most importantly, greatly grown in my personal development.

Through my leader and coach at Isagenix, Erin Postle, I was introduced to The Life Coach School, headed by Brooke Castillo. I am just over halfway through my training to become a Life Coach, which seems to be what I really want to do – helping people, teaching and learning, and all under the aegis of my own business rather than dancing to someone else’s piping.

So, last year I was looking to develop my freelance writing and my BlackBox Cosmetics business, and this year I am looking at two different businesses – Isagenix (both for the products and the network), and Life Coaching. What a difference a year makes. I am not abandoning the writing, but it will be going in a different direction. Stay tuned.

Following Chris’s habit, I will reveal my words for 2015 tomorrow. I hope you will like them.

How about you, how has 2014 turned out for you? Are you looking forward to change and growth in 2015? Let me know!

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  1. Holly Jahangiri Says:

    Three words? Are you kidding? “Bite my tongue”? 🙂

    No, seriously, I don’t know. And for whatever reason, I’m not feeling the NYE thing yet, and if I didn’t know it was NYE, I’d swear I lived in a war zone… (Fireworks are totally legal here, outside city limits.)

    Below is a link to my initial thoughts on 2015…
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