I’m giving a webinar, take two

Exhausted woman on couchWell, if you tried to join my first webinar on January 9, you know what happened, or rather, didn’t happen. My webinar didn’t happen.

Of course, I took off for Phoenix two days later, so I didn’t have time to straighten out the technical issues with Zoom right away. But tonight I had a good meeting with a nice young man named Marcus, and we figured out what had happened, and we fixed it so it won’t happen again.

This means that you are invited to my first webinar, take two!

If you were signed up for the first webinar, you’ve already got your personal invitation to take two.

If not, here is your chance! Visit Become an Energy Queen! and sign up.

Even if you can’t be there live, if you are interested, sign up and I’ll send you the recording later.

I can’t wait to do this!!!

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