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Next week is Go Week – that means that everyone in Isagenix is having a special customer appreciation week. People are posting on Facebook, hosting parties, offering incentives. I’m particularly intrigued by the latter.

So I’m going to experiment and see what works. For the week of September 15 – 21 ONLY, I’m going to offer the following incentives.

If you sign up for at least one month with the Weight Loss President’s Pak (our best value – the US$21/day system – if I didn’t have to stick with the kosher products I would have gone for it), the Performance President’s Pak or the Healthy Aging President’s Pak, I will rebate you US$100 off the price.

If the size and diversity of the President’s Pak scares you, consider the 30 Day Weight Loss System (our most popular system at US$10/day), the Athletes Pak or the Healthy Lifestyles Pak. If you sign up for any of these for at least one month, I will rebate you US$50.

So, if you are teetering on the edge but debating about the cost (because, why would your health be a priority for you, after all??), this is a unique opportunity that I will probably not be repeating any time soon.

Call me at (204) 792-3996 or email me at hadass@hadasseviatar.com and let’s talk.

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