Celebration and Beyond

I’m currently sitting in McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, waiting for my flight to Edmonton, my first leg on the way home.

I’ve been to Celebration before – last year was a wonderful extravaganza, new products, wonderful friends I otherwise see only on Zoom or Facebook, training sessions by skilled leaders, capped by a private performance of Maroon 5, just for us. I came home energised and excited.

This year, however, was different. Maybe it’s because Maroon 5 were replaced by an incredible session with Tony Robbins.

Imagine having a 4.5 hour therapy session, with 15,000 people in the room.

Imagine uncovering the inner hurt that leads to so much of your self-sabotage, and learning how to love yourself through it, with the healing power of gratitude.

Imagine the hugs and the love with your friends and colleagues while you all have tears streaming down your face.

Imagine 15,000 people streaming back to their hotel rooms, with the same dazed look on their faces.

Imagine having a last meal with those friends and colleagues, then all of you sleeping the sleep of the dead before heading to the airport with a new spring in your step and love and understanding in your heart.

I don’t think Tony is the reason I’m sitting here in the airport writing a blog post instead of playing Pokemon Go (which is what I did last year at this time).

I’ve had a huge amount of personal growth this year, and the discoveries that I made yesterday are merely the latest episode in a saga that is nowhere near finished. I have a long way to go to become the wife/mother, friend and leader that I want to be, and that my family, friends and team deserve.

In the meantime, I plan to have a wonderful, joyous time along the way. This doesn’t mean I don’t expect difficulties – of course there will be obstacles along the way. There will be wall-kicking moments, as Susan Sly puts it so evocatively. But the frustration will not last. I will feel it, allow it, and then I will step into my power and move on, with the fundamental joy that is at the core of my being, and yours, if you will allow it. It may be deeply buried, but it is there. I truly believe this.

Who wants to travel with me?

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