Announcing … The Newsletter!

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It is with a combination of great excitement and trepidation that I introduce you to the next step in my learning … the e-mail newsletter! Eep.

Blame it all on the inimitable Berni Xiong. I met her through Chris Brogan’s Secret Group on Facebook. If you want to know what that group is about, you have to subscribe to Chris’ newsletter. Even if you don’t, take a good look at his intro page that I linked there, because that is totally what I want to be when I grow up. Even though I’m way older than Chris.

Anyway, back to Berni. I supported this incredible charity at her request, and in return she favoured me with 30 minutes of her energising, penetrating, perceptive and exciting time. We talked a lot about the things that scare me, and about the things I already know how to do. She really encouraged me to jump into this next step and start a newsletter.

So here’s the deal. The newsletter is mostly going to talk about things like the Lizard Brain and the Resistance and the Imposter Police. All stuff I blog about regularly, so why put it in a separate newsletter instead of on the blog? Good question. I’m hoping to be able to write in a more focused way for the newsletter, and to get faster and more effective feedback – it’s so much easier to hit reply to an email than to comment on a blog.

This blog started as an experiment, just to see if I can do it, and it’s grown nicely. I really appreciate all my readers, especially the ones who take the trouble to comment. But I want to try new things and a new medium. Maybe a podcast will be next. One baby step at a time.

So I hope you will go to the subscription link and sign up for my fledgling newsletter. Its form will be largely determined by your reaction – it’s a great way to interact with me directly, if you don’t do so already through other media. Let’s give it a try. Please?

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8 Responses to “Announcing … The Newsletter!”

  1. Berni Says:

    I couldn’t be more proud of you right now!

    Bravo! Screw the lizard brain! Hadass is in it to win in! (Too much American Idol, sorry!)

    Subscribed. Can’t wait to read it!
    Berni recently posted…How to Have a Stance and Still Be ObjectiveMy Profile

  2. Hadass Eviatar Says:

    Xoxoxo Berni!!

  3. Lynne Thompson Says:

    You rock Hadass! Fear not, you have the goods and it IS TIME!

  4. Hadass Eviatar Says:

    I hope so ;-). Thanks, Lynne!

  5. Betsy Says:

    Subbing! My friend, Alissa, recently posted on this topic. You might appreciate her insights!
    Betsy recently posted…Book spine poetryMy Profile

  6. Hadass Eviatar Says:

    Thanks, Betsy!

  7. Margaret Says:

    Just subbed!!!

  8. Hadass Eviatar Says:

    Thanks sweetie! I expect the first one will go out Sunday night.

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