Please Pray for Superman Sam


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If you’ve been following this blog at all for the past couple of weeks, you’ve noticed the #blogExodus series, which took over in the time just before Passover. The inspiration for that series came from Rabbi Phyllis Sommer. She writes an interesting blog on Jewish parenting, by a Reform rabbi who is also a mother of four. But Rabbi Sommer has another blog, devoted to the journey of her seven-year-old son, who is fighting leukemia.

Sam underwent chemotherapy and was pronounced clear, but now the leukemia is back. Apparently the go-to treatment in the case of relapse is bone marrow transplantation. Not a simple procedure, but one which gives others an opportunity to give the gift of life with little cost to themselves. If I understood the post correctly, Sam already has a match, but it is still a great thing for everyone who can (unfortunately I am not eligible) to have themselves tested for bone marrow compatibility. You never know when you can save a life.

Tomorrow I will be reading Torah at morning minyan, and asking for G-d’s help and support for brave little Sam, Shmuel Asher ben HaRav Pesach Esther, and his incredible family. Please add your supplications to mine, whomever you choose to address.

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  1. Y Says:

    some years ago a similar appeal brought to the setting-up of a bone-marrow bank in Israel after the son of a colleague was diagnosed.Those of us who could not donate bone marrow gave money to cover the cost of the donations of others. Networking works!

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