Replacing a BlackBox Cosmetics Cartridge

morning and evening moisturisers

Morning and Evening Moisturisers

So I was sad because my two favourite moisturisers were finally finished, even though I only use a tiny drop of each one. But I got the refills, and I am back in business!

refill cartridges

Refill Cartridges FTW!

As you can see, the refill cartridges come in a little bag, so the shipping on them is less than the full kit, with bottles and box and all, and of course they are cheaper than the original bottle. If you are ordering from Canada, think about what you need beforehand and bundle them all together in one order, making it even more affordable!

They are easy to get into the bottle – we start by flipping off the top of the airless bottle. Put your fingernail or a flat knife blade at the back, under the top, and flip it off.

flipping the top

Flipping the Top

in with the new

In With the New!

Take the old cartridge out and pitch it. Too bad it doesn’t seem to be recyclable – maybe in the future. But the good news is we aren’t pitching the bottle. No – we stick the new cartridge in it, put the top back on, et voila! So happy. Make sure you rotate the nozzle to fit the slit, otherwise your product won’t come out! But it’s all very easy to do.

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know!

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