About BlackBox Cosmetics and Shipping to Canada

Restoration SetIf you live in the US, there are no downsides to ordering from BlackBox Cosmetics. It’s a little trickier in Canada, but we can handle the shipping cost conundrum. Here’s how.

BlackBox Cosmetics is an American company. The product is made in Florida, packaged in these adorable bottles, and mailed wherever the customers are. If you are in the USA, shipping will cost you $11 or less, even if you are in North Dakota, only about 100 km from Winnipeg. But as soon as the box makes it over the border, we’re talking international shipping, and the United States Post Office is not making life easy for us Canadians.

If you go to order stuff from my page, you may well get sticker shock from the shipping costs to Canada. In fact, if you are only ordering one product, you will probably be paying more in shipping than you are for the bottle. A major reason for that is that BlackBox, unlike other companies who sell cosmetics in Canada, does not roll their shipping costs into the price of the product. They are transparent about the shipping costs, and I would hate for that to work to their detriment. So let’s think of ways to fix that problem.

First and foremost, it is important to realise that the shipping cost is not linear per product. That means that shipping two bottles does not cost twice as much as shipping one – in fact, most of the cost that the USPS charges is for the first pound. The second pound is only a few dollars more, so the cost per pound is practically halved if you make it to two, and it only gets better from there. I went to the logical extreme and ordered a dozen refills of the Geniskin product for my boys, and my shipping cost per bottle was less than US$5. They are now set for the coming year or more.

But Hadass, you say, I’m not prepared to order a dozen bottles of a product I haven’t tried. So what do I do?

Simple! You drop me a line, or phone me at (204) 792-3996, and we arrange for me to add your product to the next batch I’m ordering. It may take a little time, but you will benefit from lowered shipping. Ready to give it a try?

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3 Responses to “About BlackBox Cosmetics and Shipping to Canada”

  1. Janet Says:

    Thank you for sharing your information. That was the last question I had to answer before proceeding to move forward. Major hurtle about shipping cost. BB needs to open a Canadian branch for Canadian Associates. Disappointed as there in Canada that ticks all the boxes for me like BB. Looking for legit home web-site business for years. I commend Black Box for their transparency and will recommend those I do know in the US to consider the product. Thank you.

  2. Terry Says:

    As a Canadian ISA ( and there are not tons of us yet ) I commend you for putting this so simply. You are correct in ordering one bottle is not cost effective with the postage. I play around with my order adding and subtracting until I get the most
    bang for the buck” on shipping.

    Also this is still a very reasonably priced product despite the postage costs. Where can you get 7 quality skin care products for $165.00 ( cost plus postage)

    When we have built this company to have more ISA’s and more sales, we just might get that Canadian shipping outlet. The word is spreading in Canada about this business so as it does we add up that possibility

  3. Hadass Eviatar Says:

    Thanks, Terry! I’m not holding my breath … but we will keep trying!

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