Calling All Manitoba SCOBY Lovers!

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Hey friends, I need your help. I’ve committed to teaching a SCOBY class on November 7th, and I need babies.

As you can see, I don’t have enough kombucha SCOBYs of my own. I’ll make more so I’ll have more by then, but if we have a class of 20 people, that will definitely not be enough. I also need water and milk kefir grains. I have a few of the latter but nowhere near enough, and I have none of the former.

If you are local to me and willing to share some babies, let’s get this project going so we can teach more people the noble art of fermentation.

I know some people send SCOBYs through the mail, I’ve never done that so I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that. Hence my call for local people.

I also believe firmly that the beautiful vibes of the community are not compatible with commerce. I have never asked for money for a SCOBY, I’m sharing my own for free and I hope you will do the same. Thanks so much on behalf of all the students who will share your bounty.

I’ll share the class information as soon as I have it. This is exciting!

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  1. Carol Radway Says:

    Do you still need some scobies, or do you know of anyone who does?
    I have 2 thick ones to share.

    I am at 204-786-6585.

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