Surviving the Bread of Affliction

Matzah Cliff

Matzah Cliff by Avital Pinnick, on Flickr

Passover has been and gone. It’s always been one of my favourite holidays, largely because of the amount of baking I do with my kids. But this year it’s taken a twist that made it considerably harder than usual, and I’m still recovering.

I’ve had at least one person say to me in the past, “But if I go off the nutritional system, I’ll gain back all the weight I lost!”. I don’t know whether that is the case – clearly there’s more to maintaining weight loss than shakes and cleanses – we cut back on those considerably in the maintenance phase, so it’s important to have improved eating habits as well.

But I definitely noticed a difference when I went off it for eight days. I don’t think I gained back much weight, but my energy levels plummeted. I was tired all the time. I continued exercising as usual, and I found it much harder. My sleep was more disturbed, too, and I felt puffy, bloated and soft. All that from eight days of matzah and no Isagenix.

It’s now been a week since I’ve gone back on my system, I’m feeling much better and my energy levels are back where they belong. I don’t know what my weight is doing since I don’t weigh myself often, and it really doesn’t matter much anyway. What matters is how I feel.

My conclusion? I am NEVER going off this system, except yearly for Passover. I’ll just have to be prepared to take a step back in how I feel, that’s all.

The Festival of Freedom will still be one of my favourite holidays.

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