#blogExodus 8: Expand

blogexodus There are several different ways to interpret this word – is it the expansion of our minds and spirituality during Passover, or is it the expansion of our bodies during the same time period?

The weeks before Passover are very busy and stressful for many people, and there’s a tendency to collapse once the Seders are done. Add to that how curiously unsatisfying-yet-caloric a sheet of matzah is, and you’ve got a recipe for lounging on the couch while munching on too many sheets of matzah with butter and salt. At least, that’s where I’m likely to end up if I’m not careful. This is quite aside from the vast quantities of sugar and/or starch that seem to be part of most traditional Passover food. Although we probably do better than most, as evinced by this post I wrote back in 2013 (!).

This year I’m planning to live the gluten-free life through Passover, aside from the small amounts required during the actual Seder. I did buy some “gluten free matzah squares”, complete with ritual warnings, but I’m hopeful they won’t do me too much harm. This year’s early melt and warm temperatures (thank you, climate change) should also allow for more outside activity. Anyone want to walk up Scotia to Kildonan Park with me?

What is your favourite way of sabotaging your health goals during Passover?

P.S. In case you were wondering what happened to number 7, here it is:

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