#BlogElul 6: Believe

#BlogElul Belief is one of the biggest issues an entrepreneur struggles with, and especially a network marketer.

You have to believe in your product, in your leadership, in the industry as a whole, and in yourself. That can be a pretty tall order.

If you aren’t passionate about your product, if you don’t trust your leaders, if you have doubts about your industry, you are going to have trouble.

I believe, however, that the biggest problems arise when you don’t believe in yourself – as a coach, a leader, a supporter or even just someone who has the knowledge and experience to recommend the best product to a customer.

Why should people follow you if even you don’t believe they should? Or as someone put it in a recent talk I heard, would you join with yourself?

This is true even if you are an employee. Would you hire yourself? If not, what changes do you need to make to become someone you would love to work with?

Belief in external factors is relatively easy to develop – you just need to get the information to assure yourself it’s the right thing.

Belief in yourself, however, may have to run counter to years of conditioning and bad experiences.

The stories you tell yourself are probably pretty deeply entrenched in your mind – it’s the best-travelled road and you will be drawn to it again and again.

Have you ever started to drive somewhere, and realised that without thinking you followed the route you drive everyday to work or school, when you meant to go somewhere else?

That happens in your brain, too. Unless you make a conscious effort to avoid those thoughts, your mind will unconsciously go down the same road, with the same self-destructive thoughts.

This is where personal growth comes in. Deeply entrenched beliefs are hard to change, but it’s not impossible.

How about you, what self-destructive thoughts do you need to change?

Shabbat Shalom!

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