#BlogElul 3: Search

#BlogElul The word “search” implies intentionality. A searcher is not merely wandering through life, marvelling at the serendipity of things. A searcher is on a mission, trying to find something specific.

The searcher may not know what she is looking for, but she knows that something is missing in her life. Or she may know exactly what it is – fulfilling work, a loving partner, even a set of keys. Either way, the searcher is moving through the world with eyes open and mind intent.

Sometimes, the search gives us a life’s mission, a reason to get up and do things. One of my favourite movies in all the world is The Princess Bride – and one of my favourite characters in that movie is the beautiful and complex Inigo Montoya. Fans will not need me to tell them why the concept of searching inevitably leads me to Inigo, but for the rest of you – he’s searching for a man with six fingers on one hand, and when he finds him, he’s going to say the following:

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

If you don’t know the story, I won’t spoil it for you by telling you how Inigo’s quest works out in the end.

Most of us do not search with that level of intensity, but we do spend a lot of time thinking about things we are looking for. The search can be a distraction – especially when it has to do with those pesky keys. We have other things we really want to do, and we become impatient and annoyed as we search. This is not a good mindset for starting the day, wouldn’t you agree?

Still, the urge to search is deeply embedded in our genes – maybe from our hunting-gathering days. The Hero’s Quest is the template for almost every story (and certainly almost every video game) since the dawn of humanity. It is something we do with very young children – where’s baby? Peekaboo! So satisfying to search and find, even if you are too young to speak.

To bring this back to personal growth and entrepreneurship, many people call that kind of search the hustle. Going out there, searching for clients and bringing them back to the cave. It’s a very primordial picture.

While there’s no doubt in my mind that hunting is very much part of the entrepreneurial toolkit, I am more inclined towards the gathering part of that image. Animals that you hunt and kill are dead, and while you can and should honour their sacrifice, and follow the herd with reverence, that is not a good way to develop long-lasting relationships with individuals.

So in case you are wondering whether I am hunting for you, I am not. I would much rather gather you into my heart. So much more loving that way!

My quest is for people whom I can love and support on their journey through life. What is yours?

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