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The third day of Elul is a Friday, the day we prepare for the blessing of Shabbat. In the evening we will bless the candles, the wine and the bread, and sink into the restfulness of the temporary cessation of all preparation.

During the High Holy Days themselves, blessings abound. The special prayer book we use on those days, the Makhzor, is full of words of praise for G-d, reminding the Deity of all the mercies of the past, begging for mercy for another year.

In Judaism, there is a blessing for everything (even the Czar!). We say a blessing when we see a rainbow, a glorious sunset or a fabulous work of human hands and ingenuity. It reminds us that there is a great and wondrous Universe out there, far beyond our small everyday concerns. That is the road to healing and joy.

Say a blessing next time you see a butterfly or appreciate a work of art. Savour a nice wine or a delicious food, especially one prepared with love, and give thanks. We are blessed every day, as long as we remember to stop and pay attention. Even in times of sorrow and pain, there are always blessings. Always.

How have you been blessed today?

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2 Responses to “#BlogElul 3 – Bless”

  1. Zohar Says:

    actually, I do bless the sources of joy. I guess, as you say, blessing is a way to say thank you – and I guess it doesnt matter who we thank- or does it? Do you think it matters? You could be thanking yourself for noticing, or thanking God that you are noticing, or, directly thanking the universe for the butterfly or sunset. I guess I am asking what the work blessing means. Is it like a wish? Remember in kindergarten in Israel – the children bestow a blessing on the birthday child, and we bless someone hello..what does it really mean?

  2. Hadass Eviatar Says:

    Wow, what great thoughts and questions! More blog posts for me to write … not that I have answers to them, mind you! But yes, I think a bracha is a well-wish, a desire for good and gratitude all rolled into one. I think we are born with a desire for good things from the Universe, or G-d or whatever you want to call whatever is Out There, possibly dispensing good things. A blessing is also a relationship, isn’t it? You can’t bless someone without having some idea of who they are even if it’s just a stranger sneezing on the bus … thank you so much for the thoughts, Friday is not a good day to spend time at the computer but I couldn’t leave this unanswered! Shabbat Shalom and love you!

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