#BlogElul 28 – Give

BlogElul graphic Today I had the immense pleasure of reading a book called “The Art of Possibility”, by Benjamin Zander and Rosamund Stone Zander. I was stunned to discover that the book is 15 years old – where have these people been all my life?

Ben is a world-renowned conductor and teacher, and Roz is a family therapist. Together they have developed a practice to help people improve their lives – whether they are musicians, CEOs or you and me.

Their concepts resonate very strongly with me, as a life coach – everything is invented, so why not give everyone an A? When you make a mistake, instead of crouching into yourself, throw your arms into the air and shout: “HOW FASCINATING!”

I can’t possibly explain what a gift this book has been to me, except by showing you a video of the man himself talking. Here he’s addressing a conference of head teachers, but it doesn’t matter. The message is universal.

Go out there and give everyone an A. Especially yourself.

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