#BlogElul 21: Love

What a perfect theme for today, when a group of loving people gathered to wish bon voyage to our favourite yoga teacher.

The inimitable Debbie Lewis has been our teacher at Temple Shalom for several years now – we all padded into the windowless room in the basement, winter and summer, to spread out our mats, move our bodies and listen to her wise words.

Debbie knows every person in her class – her many classes. She knows what hurts and what needs adaptation. As a former nurse, she knows exactly where to push and where not to push.

Her words are full of encouragement, hope and wisdom – loving yourself, moving on from drama, making the best life you can. This combination of words and movement can be found in many yoga studios, but there is only one Debbie.

She’s moving on from teaching classes, for now. She wants to travel, take care of her grandchildren and her mother, and enjoy the beautiful life she has so richly earned.

Today, a group of us came together to eat, talk, laugh and convey how much we love Debbie.

Travel safely, dear one. We will be waiting to hear your stories when you return.

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