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It’s Elul again!

Wow, Rabbi Sommer has started us off with a bang! Elul is definitely full of doing, especially for me this year.

The preparations for the Downstairs Alternative Services are in full swing! I spent a good two hours last night talking with my co-conspirators about the order of the service and who is doing what. I’m going to be doing a pretty big chunk of the davvening, and that’s very exciting. Luckily it’s material I’ve done before, but not very recently. I’ve also been handling a lot of the publicity, writing things and talking to people. That’s exciting, too.

Of course, this is on top of my also reading Torah for the second day of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur (and most of the other Torah readings in September and October), which I’ve never done before so that will be a lot of learning.

So my thoughts are to use this year’s #BlogElul to chronicle, to some extent, my journey into doing all these things. Of course I’ll also talk about other things, but I think this is going to be my main focus this year. So much to learn, so much to do! I hope you will find it interesting to cheer me on my way.

Drop me a comment and tell me how your Elul/September is full of doing!

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