30 Day Challenge: Second Cleanse Day

2014-06-24 23.12.19Well, the second cleanse day of this thirty-day challenge came and went without much fanfare.

I was remarkably hungry in the morning, probably because I’m still struggling with my carbs-at-night habit, sigh. But I did OK with my Cleanse for Life and lots of water, largely thanks to my friend Sarah Khan, who has started the most awesome Facebook group to help people drink more water.

Not only does Sarah post cool reminders (and I don’t know how she does it with a full-time job, a life coaching business and a young child), but she also pointed me to a very cool iPhone (and I believe also Android) app called iDrated. I’ve been having fun with it. Full disclosure: neither Sarah nor the creators of this hydration monitor have any idea I’m raving about them like this (well, Sarah will know soon enough!), and certainly have not paid me anything for it.

I particularly love how the Isagenix system combines the cleanse day with dark chocolate. It really takes the edge off sugar cravings. I did eat some salmon in the evening, because I was feeling the need for protein. Also, we had my daughter’s Grade Six Farewell (sniff!). I’m very proud of myself for staying away from the cake. Some melon and cantaloupe slices were very colourful and celebratory, and I didn’t feel like I was the only one with nothing on my plate. It’s amazing how important that is. Maybe I have heightened awareness of that right now because I currently spend a large part of my life with a pre-teen girl. I’m not normally that sensitive to peer pressure.

Last week I had some cramps and discomfort on the day after my cleanse day, once I’d started eating actual food again. So far this morning I’ve had some Cleanse for Life, a shake with frozen banana and unsweetened apple puree, and lots of water (thanks again, Sarah!). I’m planning to go to kettlebell, and I will probably have my first actual snack shortly after. Given I had no reaction to the salmon and fruit last night, I am hopeful that my system has adjusted better this time. If not, there’s always the peppermint tea.

Have a great day, everyone, and thanks for taking this journey with me. Your comments are always welcome – conversation is the most important part of this blog.

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  1. Sarah Khan Says:

    You’re too kind, Hadass! You’re doing great, and honestly when you love doing something, it’s never a challenge or a trial! I love helping and encouraging people, so no matter how busy life is (and whose life ISN’T busy?) I will always find time for it. But having you as a participant makes it all the more fun because you ENGAGE and PARTICIPATE! You bring it every day. So for that, thank YOU.
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