30 Day Challenge: Reflections on Week One

309/365: 11/05/2013. Reflections [EXPLORE # 308 on 11/06/2013]!!

309/365: 11/05/2013. Reflections [EXPLORE # 308 on 11/06/2013]!! by peddhapati, on Flickr

So, it’s been seven days since I started this challenge. I’ve had a cleanse day and a Shabbat, a kettlebell class and lots of walking. Ups and downs.

First of all, a report on numbers. My weight went down fractionally, just under a kilogram (about two pounds). Clearly still in the noise. My measurements (which I’m not sharing here, sorry!) stayed the same, within the noise. We’ll see how things are next week.

I have to say that I was by no means perfect in my adherence to the plan this week. I went to a dinner on Thursday night that was altogether too yummy, and overate. I got attacked by killer popcorn while making my daughter’s lunch for school on at least one night. I find it particularly difficult to avoid snacking while making dinner, because I’m hungry and it’s right there.

Shabbat was another issue altogether. Making the shakes by hand in a shaker worked OK, not fabulous but acceptable. I have had one reader suggest making the shakes ahead of time the way I like them and then freezing them – given that the recommendation is to drink the shakes within ten minutes of making them, would the enzymes and so on survive being frozen and then defrosted? Does anybody know?

Another problem with Shabbat was that I have some bad snacking habits on a day devoted mostly to rest. Somehow that cup of tea just doesn’t cut it by itself, if I can’t distract myself by typing or reading Facebook. I do read a lot on Shabbat but it’s just too easy to grab a handful of nuts while doing that. Something for me to work on.

The cleanse day was not very hard, although I need to be more careful in reintroducing food. I also need to be more mindful of hydration, especially on cleanse days.

All in all, I’m pleased with the way the first week has gone. Despite some serious sleep deprivation (collecting my daughter from a party well past midnight and then getting up early …), I’m feeling remarkably energetic. There are no dark circles around my eyes, my digestion feels better, my hair and nails look better than they have in years, and most amazing of all, the various markers of inflammation that I have are receding.

Looking forward to my kettlebell class this week – for last week’s I found myself much stronger and more energetic than I had been in a long time. Curious to see how it goes this week.

So that’s the story for now! Upwards and onwards, friends!

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2 Responses to “30 Day Challenge: Reflections on Week One”

  1. Marci Says:

    I was just wondering this afternoon about how you were doing on this diet. I’m glad you let me know! Snacks (especially carbs) in the evening is my problem. My new mantra is “Go to bed hungry”. Because really, I am not hungry so soon after dinner, just tired – we eat late as it is. Can you snack on celery, carrots, radishes? Sometimes I tell myself that if I eat those and am still hungry, I can have something else. Usually my jaw gets tired from all that chewing and that solves it for me 🙂

  2. Hadass Eviatar Says:

    Thanks, Marci! To be brutally graphic, high-fibre foods like that come out looking remarkably similar to how they went in :-(. That is why I need Isagenix, sigh. I had no idea how malnourished I was until I started being better nourished.

    It’s highly possible I could achieve the same result with bone broth, but this is currently working for me.

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