30 Day Challenge: It’s Not Magic


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Many people in our society are looking for a magic pill, something they can just take and all their problems will disappear. There may be companies out there that make that kind of ridiculous claim, but Isagenix is not one of them. If you buy our products but don’t make any effort to change your lifestyle, it’s not going to do much for you. You will be better nourished, but you won’t experience the kind of transformation of which you are undoubtedly capable.

I’m most of the way through my 30 day challenge now – I believe it’s day 25. On Monday I will take my after pictures and measurements for this challenge, and see how I did. Then I will immediately continue, because of course I’m also doing Erin’s program, as well as the larger 16-week Isabody Challenge. I will pause and write a reflection at that point, because I will have completed my first 30 day challenge with Isagenix.

I do want to caution anyone with an autoimmune disorder, such as I have, against thinking that it will all just go away. I do feel much better – my nails are growing, my eyes are brighter, I’m sleeping better, and some of my inflammatory symptoms have receded. But earlier this week I went to a networking lunch and ate something that I shouldn’t have, and triggered a flareup that evening. Very annoying and embarrassing.

The good news is that the flareup seems to be calming down quite quickly, without any medication, which probably would not have happened in the past. So I still need to watch what I eat, but I seem to have more resiliency when I don’t.

I am still experimenting with the various products – some things work better for me than others. I also need to be aware that too much stimulation of my immune system could bring on a flareup as well, although I’m hoping that the final result will be an opportunity for my gut to heal and no longer trigger this sort of response to innocuous food. I’m sure many people are in a similar situation.

Onwards and upwards, friends!

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