#BlogElul 15: Intend (video)

I am so thrilled that Rabbi Sommer has given us this theme for today, halfway through Elul. Thinking about intentionality is one of my favourite things to do these days.

I recorded this Facebook Live video in my van this morning, all sweaty and hot (and with blinding sunlight on half of my face), with specific intentions. I don’t like over-produced videos – while I want to be able to hear what the person is saying, I am happy to see the person’s face without makeup or fancy hair. I hope you agree with me on that!

In the video, I talk about the power of intentions – of the decision to set outcomes for ourselves, usually in the morning. If you get up in the morning with the intention to achieve something (even a small thing, I’m not talking giant goals here), and you can look back in the evening with the satisfaction of having achieved your intention, that is a great feeling.

I mention a particular product in the video, The Five Minute Journal. I have no connection with this company, although really, they should be paying me a commission by now! Enjoy.

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