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I have been privileged to work with many amazing people over the years, learning from every one of them. Some of them have been kind enough to contribute to this page. Stay tuned, I hope there will be more.

Editing/Web Support

Barbara Feldman

I first started working for Feldman Publishing in December 2012, writing content for a Rosh HaShanah site. There’s no attribution but about half of the content there was written by me (can you guess which half?).

In the interim, Barbara has honoured me with her trust in progressively more editing and web support work on her sites. I currently write her preschool and seasonal newsletters, and moderate SurfNetParents and JokesByKids. Come visit!

Fruit Share Manitoba

In April 2013, the non-profit Fruit Share Manitoba gave me the privilege and honour of being their volunteer Blog Publisher. As publisher, it is my job to research and write blog posts, coordinate other volunteer bloggers and ensure that posts are properly formatted and tagged when they go up. I am also responsible for the monthly newsletter.

Neal Rose

Back in 2010, my friend Prof. Neal Rose was teaching a class at the University of Winnipeg, where he was required to use the Learn web environment for posting assignments and monitoring student chat. He entrusted me with that part of his students’ experience, and has kindly written the following words:

I and my university students have greatly benefited from Ms Eviatar’s knowledge and skill…I recommend her without hesitation… Prof Neal Rose

BlackBox Cosmetics

My friend and mentor Berni Xiong has honoured me and BlackBox Cosmetics with the following testimonial:

bbc testimonial

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