Do You Have a Job For This Young Man?

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Martin KaethlerAre you looking for an office manager in Winnipeg who will work enthusiastically for your good cause? My friend Martin might just fit your ticket. (more…)

Daleks in the Torah

Sunday, October 19th, 2014


Dalek, by Ari (used with permission)

I am so incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to develop an intimate knowledge of the Torah. Who but the Torah reader gets to read every single word of the Book? (more…)

#BlogElul 18: Pray

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

#BlogElul graphic

It’s Elul again!

Today’s word is Pray. Last year I wrote about how I wasn’t sure whom I was speaking to when I prayed, but that it really doesn’t matter. I even mentioned Pascal’s Wager. (more…)

Review –

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

So … I went to a networking meeting the other week, and I met a lovely young lady named Ruth-Anne Penner.

Ruth is a fitness professional who used to work at the Reh-Fit, and now she’s got her own company, It’s a virtual gym where you can watch over two hundred 20-minute videos and exercise right in the comfort of your own home. Or, if you are a gym rat like me, you can bring your videos to the gym and play them on your phone. My favourites so far are the yoga videos, but the Sumo Squat example I’ve shown above is pretty cool, too. Do it right in your office!

Here’s how it works. You pay a monthly fee (although don’t forget to take her up on the free week to try it out first!), and have unlimited access to ALL the videos. There’s also a blog with recipes, stories and thoughtful articles on various fitness- and health-related topics. Ruth is passionate about helping people become the best they can be (and she has very strong views on the body-shaming industry out there). In September, for example, she will be starting a 28-day challenge to help you replace your bad habits with good ones. Don’t forget to visit the Local Resources page to see all of Ruth’s favourite fitness-related vendors.

Check it all out, and do please tell her I sent you!

And the best part? If you decide to combine Ruth’s wonderful fitness videos and my Isagenix coaching and products, you’ll get a MONTH (rather than a week) of her site FOR FREE. Once you’ve signed up with me, I’ll give you the code. But don’t wait too long, this offer expires at the end of the year.

Check out now!

My Interview with Ariel Gordon is Up!

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Fruit Share LogoI am ridiculously excited. My interview with the poet Ariel Gordon is up on the Fruit Share blog. Everybody enjoy and feel free to share!!!

Paying It Forward in 2013

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Melisa's StatusThis was my friend Melisa‘s Facebook status yesterday. Yes, she really is that amazing.

I’m not as good as she is in making things, so she told me that there were other small ways to make people happy. She’s right – there are. I’m going to try and pay attention to those opportunities.

It made me think of the Daymaker Movement, which of course I heard of via David Wood, a natural Daymaker himself. The Daymakers take the time to be present in the moment and make connections with people.

I have to confess that I have a tendency to hide my face in my electronics, to find the doings of virtual people on my phone more interesting than the real people who are with me in that moment. I hereby resolve that 2013 will be the year in which I break that addiction. I’ll probably still spend a lot of time online, because that is where my virtual peeps live. But I need to spend more time with my real ones.

What could you do to pay it forward and connect with real people?