#BlogElul 28 – Give

BlogElul graphic Today I had the immense pleasure of reading a book called “The Art of Possibility”, by Benjamin Zander and Rosamund Stone Zander. I was stunned to discover that the book is 15 years old – where have these people been all my life? …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 25 – Intend

BlogElul graphicWell, it’s not hard to figure out how my intentions for this blog post series have not been working out very well. But today I will follow through on my good intention and post! …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 23 – Begin

BlogElul graphic So I went to look at my old blog posts about this verb, and I had to laugh. September is clearly the new January here, here and here. So many cycles end and then begin this time of year. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 22 – End

BlogElul graphic Well, that was a gap. But today’s word is End, and today I’ve chosen not to end my BlogElul series prematurely, despite its imperfection. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 17 – Awaken

BlogElul graphic Wow. The obvious metaphor for awakening this time of year is the shofar, but I think I’ve written enough about that. Who or what else awakens during the month of Elul? …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 16 – Pray

BlogElul graphic Today’s verb is Pray. In my two previous blog posts on this subject (here and here), I mused on the thought that prayer is a good thing to do whether you believe there is Anyone on the other end of the line or not. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 15 – Change

BlogElul graphic Newsflash: Change is hard. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 13 and 14 – Remember and Learn

BlogElul graphic So, it happened. Friday was a crazy day, we spent three hours at IKEA (but we found what we wanted, mostly), I had to cook and I was tired and the blog didn’t get written before Shabbat came in. In a way, it’s a relief. Now that the shiny new car is dinged, I don’t have to uphold perfection anymore. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 12 – Forgive

BlogElul graphic Today’s word is Forgive, a word we use repeatedly in the High Holy Day liturgy, asking G-d to give us a chance to make things better in the new year. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 11 – Trust

BlogElul graphic Today’s word is Trust. Trust is another one of those multifaceted words – so many different meanings. In past years, I’ve mused on repairing broken trust, and whether the Universe is a friendly place. …Continue Reading