Discovering My Mission

Camp girlIf you follow me on FaceBook, you’ve seen the saga I went through a few weeks ago – it took me about 24 hours longer to get from Winnipeg to San Antonio, TX, than intended. Blizzards, maintenance issues and everything the Universe could throw at me conspired to keep me from getting there on Thursday afternoon, as planned. …Continue Reading

Finishing and Beginning Anew

Me Reading Dec 2014

Reading Torah – December 2014

The month-long cycle of the Jewish High Holy Day season is now over. …Continue Reading

An Invitation!

Don’t take my word for it … …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 10: Count

#BlogElulThis blog post was supposed to have gone out yesterday, on the 10th day of Elul. But it’s OK, nobody is perfect, especially me. I am determined to make it count anyway! …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 9: Observe

#BlogElul “You see, but you do not observe.” Such a famous quote from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. What does that mean for someone who is trying to grow themselves? …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 8: Hear

#BlogElul I love listening to podcasts, and just recently I heard a great one by Jeffery Combs, on becoming a master listener. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 7: Choose

#BlogElul The abundance of choice is both the blessing and the curse of the self-employed life. When we are employees, we dream of being the masters of our own time; when we are answerable to no one but ourselves, we realise how hard that really is. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 6: Believe

#BlogElul Belief is one of the biggest issues an entrepreneur struggles with, and especially a network marketer. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 5: Accept

#BlogElul Accept – now that is a hard one. We don’t want to accept things. We want to be the masters of our fate, we want to have the illusion of control. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 4: Understand

#BlogElul Understanding is the Holy Grail for us personal development junkies. We might call it wisdom or enlightenment or whatever, but in the end, what we really want is to create a human pattern that makes sense to us. …Continue Reading