#BlogElul 6: Search

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It’s Elul again!

Search! That’s an interesting word that Rabbi Sommer chose to start today with. What am I searching for? …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 5: Know, 5774 edition

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It’s Elul again!

So, here’s another case of the same theme on the same day. I think the same thing happened yesterday but I was too tired to notice. That’s the problem with writing blog posts after Shabbat. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 4: Accept

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It’s Elul again!

Wow, Rabbi Sommer doesn’t mess around. Sure, why not bring out the big guns right away? A few days to warm us up and bang, here we go. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 3: Bless, 5774 Edition

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It’s Elul again!

The Jewish calendar can be a funny thing. I chose to label this post with a little extra – the year, 5774 since the creation of the world. (I know, I know). The reason for that is that last year’s #BlogElul 3 was also Bless. I was a little surprised at first, until I realised that they were both Fridays, and therefore Rabbi Sommer wanted us to think about blessing as we prepare for Shabbat. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 2: Act

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It’s Elul again!

Ooooh, tricky, Rabbi Sommer! First Do, then Act? Aren’t they the same thing? Clearly she doesn’t think so. Obviously something I need to think about, too. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 1: Do

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It’s Elul again!

Wow, Rabbi Sommer has started us off with a bang! Elul is definitely full of doing, especially for me this year. …Continue Reading

Preparing for #BlogElul!

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It’s almost Elul again!

I am so excited. One of the absolute highlights of my blogging year is coming up. It’s almost time for #BlogElul! …Continue Reading

Review – iHomeFitness.com

So … I went to a networking meeting the other week, and I met a lovely young lady named Ruth-Anne Penner.

Ruth is a fitness professional who used to work at the Reh-Fit, and now she’s got her own company, iHomeFitness.com. It’s a virtual gym where you can watch over two hundred 20-minute videos and exercise right in the comfort of your own home. Or, if you are a gym rat like me, you can bring your videos to the gym and play them on your phone. My favourites so far are the yoga videos, but the Sumo Squat example I’ve shown above is pretty cool, too. Do it right in your office!

Here’s how it works. You pay a monthly fee (although don’t forget to take her up on the free week to try it out first!), and have unlimited access to ALL the videos. There’s also a blog with recipes, stories and thoughtful articles on various fitness- and health-related topics. Ruth is passionate about helping people become the best they can be (and she has very strong views on the body-shaming industry out there). In September, for example, she will be starting a 28-day challenge to help you replace your bad habits with good ones. Don’t forget to visit the Local Resources page to see all of Ruth’s favourite fitness-related vendors.

Check it all out, and do please tell her I sent you!

And the best part? If you decide to combine Ruth’s wonderful fitness videos and my Isagenix coaching and products, you’ll get a MONTH (rather than a week) of her site FOR FREE. Once you’ve signed up with me, I’ll give you the code. But don’t wait too long, this offer expires at the end of the year.

Check out iHomeFitness.com now!

If I Told You …

If I Told You

So this was my Facebook status the other day. Deliberately provocative, as you can see, and as I hoped, I got lots of responses. I am blessed with the most generous, thoughtful, wonderful friends ever, and they gave me the gift of their gut response (which was almost unanimously “No”, by the way). Then they took the time to answer my questions and explain why they felt that way. Where else can one get a free education like that?

I learned, for example, that some people’s Facebook feeds are overrun with enterprising friends trying to sell them something, and their reactions range from frustration to resentment. People love their friends, but they don’t love the feeling of being pressured, guilted, or made to feel uncomfortable.

There was some thoughtful conversation about social media and what kind of “space” it is. We all endure the ads that Facebook puts into our feeds (somebody has to pay for the servers, and it’s not us), but is it OK for our “friends” to pitch us in a “social” space? Or is there really no separation between business and pleasure, just as there isn’t in real life? We do, after all, ask people at parties what they do, and sometimes they tell us in more detail than we want to know. Is posting in social media about one’s business the same as being that bore at the dinner table?

There’s also the enthusiasm. After all, this isn’t a widget I’m talking about. I am so excited to have found something that works well for me, and I want all of my friends to have the same wonderful experience. Should I deprive them of the benefit of this knowledge? Should I just keep everything to do with it on a business page and keep it out of my social feed? Or should I continue to pursue transparency and authenticity, sharing my experience with the world, good and bad?

The conversation continues. Let me know what you think!

Review – Rivers Edge Resort

Rivers Edge Resort

Last week my husband and I spent a couple of nights in this lovely cabin, which belongs to the hospitable and generous Joy and Scott Sutyla. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read this whole review, we loved it, recommend it and would go back. Click on the picture to go to their website and book your own getaway. …Continue Reading