What Would You Do For Self-Love? (video)

So I was in this exercise class, and I found myself wondering out loud why I was there. Stay tuned for the answer. What do you do for self-love?

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#BlogElul 29: Return (video)

I did it! I made it all the way through Elul with my blogs, although I did have to do a bit of catching up here and there. So proud of myself! …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 28: Give

An important concept in all three great monotheistic religions is that of giving – the social contract to support those who have less material wealth than we do. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 27: Bless

Sometimes there are blessed serendipities in our lives. Rabbi Sommer had no way of knowing that today is my and my husband’s 25th wedding anniversary, and yet here it is – the theme is “Bless”. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 26: Create

There is a description of nearly all Jewish holidays that goes like this: “They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat.” Creating holiday-specific foods is an integral part of the tradition. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 25: Change

I’m actually writing this post on the Friday, because I don’t write posts on Shabbat, and I have to go out and help run a service after Havdallah. So if you are wondering, this is a pre-written post. A change for me! …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 24: Hope

I ended yesterday’s post with the words “I find that hopeful, don’t you?”, and here is today’s theme, hope. I love it. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 23: Begin

After every ending, there must be a new beginning. That is how the Universe is set up. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 22: End (Video)

A quick little FaceBook Live from this morning, talking about the end of life, and the hopefulness of the Mourner’s Kaddish. …Continue Reading

#BlogElul 21: Love

What a perfect theme for today, when a group of loving people gathered to wish bon voyage to our favourite yoga teacher. …Continue Reading