Why You Should Consider Changing to BlackBox Cosmetics

morning and evening moisturisers

Morning and Evening Moisturisers

People don’t like change. If the product you are currently using is OK, why should you change to BlackBox? Here are a few reasons.

  1. BlackBox products work. Your skin really will look and feel better. But you don’t have to believe me. Try a sample.
  2. BlackBox products provide excellent value. If you look at just about any other cosmetics product you use, you’ll see that the first ingredient is water. BlackBox products are based on aloe vera, making them much more concentrated. A tiny bottle can last you for months.
  3. BlackBox’s packaging and preservation methods are good for the environment. Because BlackBox products are delivered directly to the consumer, rather than sitting on store shelves, they can have a relatively short shelf life (16 – 18 months on the shelf, longer in the refrigerator) and don’t require nasty preservatives. The lovely jewel-toned bottles can be reused indefinitely – just buy a new cartridge and pop it in! The refills are signficantly cheaper than the original kit purchase.
  4. No commitment. If you’ve had any experience with network marketing companies, you are probably approaching this one with a lot of preconceived ideas: buying commitments, pushiness, a general feeling of coercion and unease. But guess what, BlackBox Cosmetics is different! Buy what you want, when you want it, and not a drop more. A Melaleuca representative once asked me how we get people to buy more stuff if we don’t have a requirement. BlackBox product is so good, you just want to buy more! And if you don’t, we wish you well.
  5. It’s not about the getting. It’s about the relationship. BlackBox Cosmetics is a young, small company. Its owners are very friendly and accessible, and their priority is to make you, the customer, delighted with both the product and the service. There are no “personal development” sessions – just a one-to-one relationship with real people.

More questions? Ask me!

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