My Little Secret Weapon Against Cracked Skin

Little Secret Weapon

The Little Secret Weapon

I am a very inflamed person. Some might even say an inflammatory person, but that’s a whole different post. I have auto-immune issues that manifest themselves in my gut, my joints and also in my skin. It’s the latter I want to talk about today.

One of the more annoying ways my body tells me I need more sleep, less gluten or less stress, is by developing flaky, red and inflamed skin around my right eye. It’s itchy and unsightly, and as you can imagine, I have spent a lot of time and money trying to make it go away. My doctor gave me steroid creams that cost the earth and were not particularly effective. I don’t like putting steroids on my face anyway – they tend to make it thinner and that’s something I definitely don’t need.

Enter the Little Secret Weapon. It’s one of BlackBox Cosmetics’ biggest sellers, and for good reason. Anyone who has dark circles or wrinkles under their eyes is going to like this ingredient list.

LSW Ingredients

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I have to say that I was really surprised at how well the LSW works on the inflamed skin around my eye. While it obviously cannot deal with the underlying causes of the original flareup, it does help soothe and calm the inflamed skin, much better than the steroids did, and with no side effects that I have noticed.

The best part? Because it is based on aloe rather than water, a tiny drop is all that’s needed. I can make a little bottle like this last for months, using it twice a day. It’s amazing. Follow it up with Radiance AX and my face is very much happier.

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If you are local to me, you can borrow The Bag for a few days, and try out the full kit at your leisure. If you aren’t, I’ll be happy to send you some samples in the mail.

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