Jojoba Tan and Bronzed Infusion

jojoba tan and bronzed infusion

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Meet your best friends for the winter!

In the northern parts of the world, the sun is not doing much to improve our appearance these days. It can be a great mood lifter to just add a touch of bronze to your pale, wintry skin. But while many self-tanners and tinted moisturisers are full of nasty ingredients you don’t want on your skin, BlackBox Cosmetics products are always good for you. See for yourself!

Jojoba Tan

Jojoba Tan utilises multiple tanning ingredients to give you the most natural looking and even tan possible without the sun. Created on a base of aloe juice and botanical extracts, this luxurious tanning lotion contains the highest quality jojoba, coconut, grapeseed and avocado oils to feed your skin. Unlike most sunless tanners, that smell like strange chemicals or just plain awful, Jojoba Tan smells absolutely incredible. Check out the ingredients if you are concerned about allergies. Instructions for use are also in the picture.

jojoba tan ingredients

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Bronzed Infusion

Like Infusion AM, Bronzed Infusion fights free radicals while firming and improving the look and texture of your skin, for a more youthful appearance. Our artists added just the right touch of colour to give you a sun-kissed look. Our bronzing serum is a high content combination of advanced forms of Vitamin C, super anti-oxidants and skin tighteners. Again, check out the ingredients for yourself.

bronzed infusion ingredients

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