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Restoration Set

The Restoration Set

Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, bumpy skin, wrinkles, liver spots and all that jazz? Without nasty preservatives or paying mostly for water?

Wouldn’t it be even greater to get this wonderful stuff at wholesale? Now you can.

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Curious? Not only does this stuff come in absolutely gorgeous airless bottles (obviating the need for nasty preservatives), but it is aloe-based rather than water-based. This means you only need a very small amount to achieve remarkable results, and one of these bottles (for which you can buy refills, at a significant discount), will last you a long time.

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GeniSkin Set

The GeniSkin Set

My teenaged son and I have been using these products for a little while, and have noticed real improvements in our skin. I have been using the Restoration Set, pictured above, and my son has been using the GeniSkin Set, right. Click on either picture to see a larger version.

The Teenager

His regimen is extremely simple, which is a very good thing for a teenaged boy. He washes his face nightly with the GeniSkin cleanser, then exfoliates it gently with the facial scrub. He then smears his face with the treatment serum, lets it dry, and he’s done. In the morning he washes his face with the cleanser, puts on the serum, done. There is also a masque/spot treatment, to be used as required.

The Middle-Aged Mom

Being a woman, I have a more elaborate routine, but it comes down to washing, exfoliating and treating with serum, just like any other. I particularly like The Secret Weapon, an under-eye serum of which you use really tiny amounts, and the Six Minute Miracle, a weekly exfoliant scrub. I also stole a tiny dab of my son’s spot treatment for a spot that had the temerity to pop up on my face, and it dried it out in less than a day.

artisan soaps

Amazing Artisan Soaps!
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Sounds Good … Now What?

If you want to try some of this good stuff for yourself, email me and I can send you a sample or two. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do. Also, if you like the product and want to get it at wholesale prices, you can enrol as an ISA, even if you aren’t interested in selling it to anybody else.

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